Public Transport Payment Solutions

Public transportation is an important means to improve the utilization efficiency of transportation resources and alleviate traffic congestion, and it is the main direction to solve traffic problems in big cities. With the expansion of city scale and the development of economic level, the demand of urban residents for improving travel conditions, especially the payment convenience of public transportation (public vehicles, buses, etc.) is becoming more and more urgent.

Under this background, Guolang has developed a full payment car code scanning device. At present, the vehicle-mounted POS machine developed by the company can fully support: Alipay, WeChat, UnionPay QuickPass card, APP QR code, non-contact IC card, mobile phone NFC and other payment methods, which is convenient for passengers to choose various payment methods to take the bus, and realize A breakthrough in the "full payment" bus toll terminal.

Swipe Contactless IC cards 

Guolang vehicle-mounted POS machine supports non-contact IC card reading and writing operations, and the LED screen displays the card balance.


Scan the QR code to take the bus

Guolang’s vehicle-mounted POS machine supports scanning codes for rides, including Alipay QR codes, WeChat payment QR codes, and APP QR codes. The bus payment code cooperated with Alipay adopts a special security encryption algorithm, which only conducts safe offline verification for the special scanner on the bus, making the payment more secure.


Swipe UnionPay card to take the bus

Guolang vehicle-mounted POS machine supports UnionPay QuickPass card swiping and boarding function. As long as it is a QuickPass card with a chip, you can swipe the card for payment without loading, and you can directly swipe the card to deduct the money on the bus, making the payment faster.


Face payment by bus

Guolang vehicle-mounted POS machine supports the function of face payment for rides. As long as you have registered your face information on the mobile phone, you can pay with your face. You don’t need to take out your phone, and you can directly deduct the payment by swiping your face in the car. The payment is safer and faster.