Company Caseshare


No.1 Golong Bus Validator (A105):

Overview:Full coverage in Hangzhou, the largest project

in China to bring public transport batches online


In May 2017, Golong helped Hangzhou Bus Group achieve a successful pilot of full mobile payment coverage.

By the end of August more than 8,500 buses in the main urban area of Hangzhou, Yuhang District and Xiaoshan District

fully realized mobile payment, and in the same year Lin'an and Fuyang also realized mobile payment one after another.

In May 2022,Golong helps Hangzhou Bus Group to optimize and upgrade its terminal devices, and implements health code verification and nucleic acid testing for elderly people, students and visually impaired people who do not have smart devices, After the upgrade, the bus POS fully supports all types of bus card swipe verification, effectively improving the efficiency of the bus ride.


No.2,Golong Bus Validator (A105):

All-in-one Bus Validator:Hongkong Project,Successful overseas deployment  + localization services closed loop


In October 2019, Hangzhou Golong joined

hands with Bank of China (Hong Kong) to

install bus terminal devices that support both

credit card (VISA, MasterCard, JCB and

UnionPay) tapping and mobile code payment

on more than 300 Hong Kong Long Win buses,

providing the first access to mobile code payment

service in Hong Kong 


From January 2021, KMB will expand its e-

payment system to cover 60 bus routes and

10 payment methods, with 550 vehicles going

live in the first phase of deployment. 23

November 2021, HK Tramways & Thales HK

signs up with Golong Online, Hong Kong

Tramways fully enters the era of diversified

electronic payment 


From 13 February 2022 onwards, all KMB

routes have supported the“e-payment

system”electronic payment system, making

it a fully cashless payment method. The

upgraded KMB e-payment system also

supports interchange concessions and regional

short-haul sectional fares 



No.3:Golong Facial recognition Validator (F218):

All-in-one Facial Recognition Bus Validator:Helping Cangnan city achieve prevention of covid for bus riding scene

In October 2021, Golong helped Cangnan Bus group launch 325 sets of All-in-one Facial recognition bus validator Focusing on addressing the difficulties encountered by older people in using smart technology, the deployment has effectively improved the efficiency of travelling by bus after going live Golong all-in-one facial recognition bus validator Also equipped with infrared temperature measurement module,Also equipped with infrared temperature measurement module, and through the interface with big data to achieve the elderly and special groups in the face recognition travel scenario health code judgment,Ensure effective epidemic prevention and control while facilitating public travel.


No.4 Smart bus fare box:

Smart bus fare box: Jinghua city project:significant cost reduction  and efficiency gains 

Jinhua Bus line 11, 33, 35, a total of three lines, loaded with smart bus fare box to start application testing A total of 25 machines were tested and were in good working condition. The observations made by the travellers showed that the smart bus fare box were quick to read the coins, the ride was smooth and the average daily cash usage was not significantly different before loading. Real-time synchronization of coin collection data with the back office, daily start-up statistics and coin collection data match the back office without error

Effectiveness Estimation:Full digital control of the cash collection process,Save 10 people in three branches and logistical support staff,Based on manpower costs of $100,000 per person/year,Can reduce annual cost expenditure by 1 million RMB