Golong Technology: Interconnection Card Issuing System

Golong Technology: Interconnection Card Issuing System

It has basic functions such as card sales, recharge, annual inspection, loss of registration, disconnection, card replacement, card return, inquiry, and cash withdrawal.

At the same time, it provides user, card, and site management to realize data transmission networking, user terminal intelligence, and centralized settlement management.

Product features:
The system mainly includes five major functional modules: card issuance function, card management, query function, user management, site management, etc., which are sufficient to realize the consumption management of various buses  and other scenarios. Golong can modify or add software functions according to specific requests from customers . Golong is able to customize the needs that are based on the system.

Maturity and advancement of technology:
From the current practical application of domestic IC cards, the system adopts the most mature and advanced technology as far as possible, so that the technical architecture tends to be reasonable and appropriately advanced, and the state of advanced application of the system is guaranteed for a considerable period of time in the future.

Reliability and stability:
The system structure, equipment performance, software design and other aspects have good fault-tolerant handling functions. The main server and key networks, security equipment provide fault-tolerant design through fault detection and recovery means, etc. Therefore, the technical support and system maintenance and other aspects have efficient safeguards.

Security and confidentiality:
To ensure the security and accuracy of money and information, the system network platform architecture, transaction process, data storage and transmission have multiple confidentiality measures. Security measures are effective and trustworthy, enabling secure access control at multiple levels.

Easy maintenance:

It is convenient and practical.The terminals and systems are designed with platform and component to make the whole solution to be easy to install, configure, maintain, and use .

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