Golong Technology and Macao Jinying Technology Co., Ltd. Signing a Strategic Agreement to Help Pakistan and Albania Achieve Smart Travel

The signing ceremony broadened the cooperation between China, Albania and Pakistan . Hangzhou Golong Technology Co., Ltd., and Macao Jinying Technology Co., Ltd. worked together to introduce Chinese “Internet + mobile payment” systems, smart travel, and other specialized high-tech into Albania and Pakistan. In the first phase, we will empower all software and hardware solutions in the local public transportation field, such as bus validators, bus card/code issuance platforms, the solutions  of real-time bus and dispatching, etc.

At present, public transportation information in Albania is still not connected to the internet, lacking technical support such as information integration, etc. Albania opens up the market with the help of technology and strength from Hangzhou Golong Technology Co., Ltd. Macao Jinying Technology Co., Ltd. is going to actively promote smart transportation in Albania and Pakistan, helping them to adapt to the development trend of the times, improving the travel needs of citizens and passengers, facilitating travel efficiency, and building an efficient, energy-saving, and safe travel environment. At the same time, the international company encourages local research, development, and innovation so that  Albania and Pakistan can build a digital society, develop new industries, and promote scientific research and development.

Zhang Dahua, the organizer of the signing ceremony and the president of the Macao China Albania Cultural and Economic Promotion Association, said that the cooperation was aimed at promoting the development of China-Arab-Pakistan relations and enhancing economic and cultural exchanges between all parties.

With the help of Golong Technology's industry experience in the Chinese public transportation field, project completion is the best example of participating in and assisting the construction of the “Belt and Road” by taking advantage of  China's “going out” policy. These successful cases could help Golong Technology and Macao Jinying Technology Co., Ltd. extend  the successful experience of the project to Eastern Europe, the Balkans, and other regions in the future.

Zhang Danyan, chairman of Hangzhou Golong Technology Co., Ltd., said that this signing ceremony indicates that Golong Technology will join hands with Macao Jinying Technology Co., Ltd. to strengthen the cooperation. Through the Albanian Association platform, Golong Technology’s aggregation system of smart bus payment and other solutions will be sold to Albania, Pakistan, and other countries so that Golong Technology’s solutions will go abroad and create a win-win situation.


Post time: 2022-06-12 13:01:00