Golong Technology: BI Analysis Driven by Big Data

Golong Technology: BI Analysis Driven by Big Data

Advantages&Product Features

1.Decision Support:Offer multi-dimensional searches that include transaction situations and details, and operating situations of routes in real time.

2.Communication Mechanism:Real-time/sectional search of sites and sites and thermal values of routes, which can assist in scheduling.

3.User Analysis:Support multi-dimensional user analysis, for example, the tendency of transaction, percentage of payment methods, etc.

4.Statistics for Buses:Support the statistics for buses, such as intelligently recording the number of bus departures from the first stop, and running time, etc.

5.Digital operation

Golong Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Hangzhou, China’s e-commerce city. We are the first manufacturer in China to introduce the full-payment POS machine into the bus field. Through innovative technologies and solutions, we focus on smart buses and smart travel and provide innovative solutions for multiple scenarios such as buses, highways, parking, and refueling. In the field of smart buses, we can provide integrated SAAS solutions, for instance, bus card issuance system, bus sorting system, bus new media operation system, etc. In the field of travel, we are able to provide smart gas stations, smart parking, smart expressways, and other solutions.

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