Golong Technology: Enterprise Welfare Mall System

Golong Technology: Enterprise Welfare Mall System

Based on the SAAS system platform, Golong Enterprise Welfare Mall System takes enterprise services as the core, tailors enterprise procurement and employee welfare solutions for enterprises, solves enterprise material management, maximizes benefits, enhances employees’ sense of corporate ownership, and promotes employee cohesion and values.

Golong specially create a corporate employee welfare mall for staff, which supports self-operated merchants, and meets the diversified flexible welfare needs of enterprises.

Product features

Exclusive customization:The customization should be based on demand. The budget should be compliant. The enterprise should control the cost.

Digital operation:Digital management of welfare programs and expenses can achieve timely online statistics and tracking of trends.

Applicable to multiple scenarios:Multi-scenario welfare topics can be configured in the mall. The benefits are optional, and employee satisfaction is higher.

Golong will continue to be committed to public transportation, providing customized solutions for the digital reform of public transportation.

Post time: 2023-09-11 12:00:00