Qingtian Smart Bus Being digitized to Make Traveling and Paying More Convenient

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The Urban and Rural Bus Integrated Intelligent Equipment Upgrading and Renovation Project (Mobile Payment System) has been launched in Qingtian County. Qingtian County is guided by the convenience and diversified payment needs of passengers. Hangzhou Golong Technology and Qingtian Bus jointly launched a new service model of “Internet + bus travel” to improve the integration of urban and rural construction, comprehensively help realize the personalized choice of payment methods, and improve the travel experience of citizens.

The digital payment hardware products launched this time to promote urban-rural integration include Smart Bus Farebox and All-in-one Bus Validator. The Smart Bus Farebox is very convenient to use, and suitable for the elderly and intelligentlization. It is easy for the elderly and children to learn. Therefore, they can handle the problems they encounter when taking the bus. The elderly, students, and other groups are able to cross the digital gap and enjoy the convenient services brought by digital reform.

Qingtian Bus “Mobile Payment System” Launched

Both “Internet +” travel mode and Smart Bus Farebox that everyone is familiar with have been upgraded.

Smart Bus Farebox, which integrates major payment methods such as banknotes, coins, and scanning QR codes, provides Qingtian citizens with more diversified payment methods and a more convenient travel experience through the diversification of payment methods and intellige nt links.

Golong makes new breakthroughs in green bus travel, helps the public realize the personalized choice of payment methods, improves the public's travel experience, brings great changes to the transportation and travel efficiency of the public in Qingtian, further promotes the digital transformation of “smart bus”, and provides better travel experience services for the public.

Making travel easier

mart Bus Farebox is a new on-board smart payment machine that integrates mobile payment, authenticity recognition of coins and paper cash, automatic counting, and real-time upload of data. The farebox is able to recognize coins quickly, and the process of taking the bus is smooth. The payment data of e-payment and cash will be synchronized to background system in real time. After the promotion of Smart Bus Farebox, everything is good in terms of citizens' adaptability to traveling by bus, experiences, and accuracy of payment settlement.

First, the authenticity recognition function of banknotes and coins has been added, so the security of cash  can have a protective lock. The Smart Bus Farebox has two slots, which means that the banknotes and coins are placed separately. The new farebox is able to check and read banknotes. It can automatically identify counterfeit coins and displays the coinage amount when passengers insert coin. It is necessary to spread out banknotes when passengers insert the banknotes into the slot in the identification module . Coins are inserted into the slot in the coin recognition module . For every banknote or coin inserted, the screen of the Smart Bus Farebox will display the received amount and issue a prompt tone. In addition, each farebox has a security lock to ensure the safety of cash.

Second, it is compatible with mobile payment POS terminals, which can realize face payment, cash, UnionPay, etc., support all current mobile payment methods, achieve real-time statistics for charging data, and complete the fully digital information construction of the bus payment system.

Third, it can effectively collect basic data such as real-time passenger flow numbers and site information, integrate diversified payment methods, and comprehensively analyze various data sources with the "Golong SAAS platform and  BI Analysis " to gradually form a passenger flow data model, and build a new one-stop convenient travel service system for citizens. It achieves multi-party collection, reliable transmission and full utilization of dynamic and static information on bus operation, providing a basis for collaborative dispatching and operation supervision of buses. It is conducive to improving the level of bus emergency dispatch, operation supervision and scientific decision-making capabilities, and enhancing the public’s travel experience. The use of Smart Bus Farebox realizes resource complementation and data sharing, which not only provides great convenience for citizens' modern travel, but also greatly improves the work efficiency of enterprises.

It supports both cash and card payment. The Smart Bus Farebox can drive the development of traffic information applications, improve the overall service of transportation, enhance the attractiveness of public transportation, improve the bus travel rate, alleviate congestion while getting in and alighting, improve urban traffic, and reduce energy consumption.

Golong is a leading enterprise in the industry focusing on integrated bus payment systems, dedicated to the development and application of intelligent big data products and services of Internet. It has a leading position in the fields of Internet, Internet of Things, facial recognition, travel payment, digital currency, software and hardware product development and application, operation services, etc. 

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